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Visit for Fine Federal Antiques

A message from our president.....

During the Federal period in America, which lasted from 1785 to 1820, furniture styles became lighter and more elegant. Federal craftsmen incorporated classical designs from ancient Greece and Rome to satisfy the increasingly cosmopolitan taste of Federal America.

Our firm is the nation's specialist in the original furniture of the Federal period, with thirty years experience in the field. In 1988 we sponsored the Bicentennial Exhibition of American Federal Furniture at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. This landmark exhibition was officially recognized by the Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution as a project of national significance with substantial historical and educational value.

Being specialists in the originals, we are uniquely qualified to produce historically accurate replicas of classic pieces of American Federal furniture. We are more than just a manufacturer licensed to reproduce random pieces from museum collections. Each piece in our replica collection is carefully selected for its historical significance, its aesthetic beauty, and its utility in today's homes, where the trend is back to the traditional. Each piece is hand crafted by our staff of trained restorers and cabinet-makers with expert attention to detail and accuracy, utilizing the same woods and the identical joinery as the originals. That is why we can call our pieces true replicas, not mere reproductions. Each replica is of the highest quality, made to look like and last like its period counterpart. And our proprietary "patinated" hand finishing process, which utilizes natural stains and shellacs, adds the final authentic touch to each American Federal ClassicsTM replica.

We are pleased to offer our collection of replica Federal furniture in the manner of the artisans who fashioned the original classic designs during the early years of our Federal Republic. We cordially invite you to share in this celebration through our American Federal ClassicsTM.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas G. Schwenke


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